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They say that Paleo Breakfast Recipes, or simply the Paleo Diet in general is an effective way of eating healthy and losing weight. Before giving stereotype comments like “Oh, diet recipes are hard to follow” or “Diet recipes tell you what you want to hear but they don’t do their part in doing what they said they would”, let us first find out what Paleo Diet really is.

Paleo is derived from the word Paleolithic, yes that’s right the Stone Age about 2.6 million years ago where our cavemen ancestors are believed to have lived. During that time, according to studies, our ancestors only ate plants that they have scavenged and wild animals that they have caught.Paleo Breakfast Recipes

In other words, they did not have rice or bread. So that basically is the origin of the Paleo Diet that we know today, to take away the “grains” or the rice and bread of every meal, and concentrate instead with making the green vegetable your carbs.

Scientist believed that because the digestive patterns of the body of the cavemen and our digestive patterns of our body today surely haven’t changed. What changed drastically through time instead is our way of eating and our eating habits, which have deteriorated. So, Paleo Diet aims to remove the bad eating habits that we have eventually developed through time, and replace it with the healthy way of eating that our cavemen ancestors had.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so therefore when on a diet, it is important to include the diet in your first meal of the day. That’s where Paleo Breakfast Recipes comes in, to help you prepare your breakfast in a healthy way.

List of Paleo Foods to help you with your Paleo Breakfast Recipes

I compiled a quick summary list of some Paleo foods that you can include in your diet that you may want to look at before cooking or preparing your food.

  • Poultry and Meat – make sure that the meat that you buy is from animals that are grass-fed.
  • Seafood and Fish – make sure that the seafood or fish that you buy is sustainable.
  • Starchy Vegetables – starchy tubers (some of it) can be included and other rooty vegetables.
  • Berries and Fruits – make sure that the fruits you consume is not high in sugar like bananas.
  • Seeds and Nuts – choose seeds and nuts that are not high in omega-6

paleo breakfast

Paleo diet Success Stories to motivate you.

Still not convinced about Paleo diet? Are you still reluctant to try Paleo Breakfast Recipes? I compiled some testimonials from real people who have personally tried Paleo Diet, read their success stories and feel motivated.

  • This one is from an athlete that feels like their body is not at its best even with all the exercise. After trying out Paleo Diet, she lost weight without even trying to lose some, and she felt better than ever with her body.

“I am a female athlete and have been competing my entire life in a variety of sports,… I was, what I thought at the time, always being updated on all the correct nutrition to give my body the best chance. However, I didn’t feel the best and I always felt that I was missing something when it came to my food choices…. I had to ask myself, ‘Can I survive and enjoy my food on The Paleo Diet?’ Well I am always up for a challenge so off I went. And the results were amazing! I lost 13 pounds and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight! My body looks the leanest and healthiest of my entire life. Three months after surgery I ran a marathon and had a personal best by 10 minutes! The most important thing is how I feel on the inside. I feel great both mentally and physically.”—Cameron

  • Another one is from someone who has respiratory problems that disappeared when he started the Paleo Diet and it never returned.

“I have personally followed the Paleo Diet for the last two years, and many health problems disappeared after a few weeks to a few months…. I had often upper respiratory infections, and they slowly healed when on the Paleo and they never came back. Previously I used to have a cold every few months, and now this has improved so much that I only got a cold once in two years, and it disappeared in several days (before it took me over 3 weeks) on the Paleo and adding high doses of vitamin D3.”—Ben

How to make Kids enjoy Paleo Recipes

If you want your children to have a healthy lifestyle, cook up some Paleo Diet Recipes for them, you don’t have to worry because Paleo Diet is perfectly safe for babies and children and will help start off their life with a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some foods that you can make your babies and toddler eat and enjoy:

  • Avocados – avocados are easy to serve and can be shaped in any way to make your baby want to eat it.
  • Egg Yolks – Egg yolks are not only rich in omega 3 fatty acids but are also rich in color so your little ones can enjoy.
  • Salmon – Because of its pastel color it is easy to mix it with vegetables.

Paleo Recipe Book for your Paleo Breakfast Recipe Needs

paleo breakfast

If you are already convinced that Paleo Diet is really is the diet to try to have a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight if you want to lose some, if you are convinced that Paleo

diet can help you eliminate your bad eating habits to live a healthy life, and if you are on the process of looking for Paleo diet recipes, then get the Paleo Recipe Book now at

This book will give you over 370 Paleo recipe ideas that can jumpstart your Paleo diet today. Deciding your everyday food will be a breeze with this book, enjoy colorful and realistic photos that will make your mouth water just by looking at it. Paleo Breakfast recipes will be in your reach every day to help you with your new lifestyle.

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