Potluck Breakfast Ideas

Potluck Breakfast IdeasHave you been invited to a breakfast party and have been given instructions that the party is to be a potluck party? Then you have to have Potluck breakfast ideas ready to be able to decide what to bring. But first, you have to understand what potluck means, potluck is a term used when a party will be held but the host of the party will not be preparing the food, instead all of the visitors of the party will each bring food or drinks that will be served for all the guests. Having a potluck party saves a lot of time and energy for the host and at the same time offer a wide variety of choices for the visitors.

Breakfast Potluck Menu

Throwing a potluck party is not as easy as deciding to have one and then telling all your friends that it will be a potluck party. What if all your friends came and then they were all bringing pork? You will end up having a party with no rice and no drinks. There are things to consider when planning a potluck, you might want to group your friends and assign every group a kind of food, to ensure that your potluck party will have a complete set of food.

Bring and Make Potluck Breakfast Ideas

Deciding what dish to bring on a potluck party can prove to be difficult sometimes. You have to make sure that what you will be making or bringing will not be redundant to the other food that the other visitors will bring.

You also have to check with the host if there are any segregated food categories that were distributed in groups, ask the host if there is a certain dish that she may need that you can bring, if there’s none, then you might as well start thinking if a dish to bring on the day of the party.

Potluck Breakfast Suggestions

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In bringing dishes to potluck breakfast parties, there are a lot of simple recipes that can be made easily and in a short time.

You can try bringing a tart or a pie. A tart or a pie is easy to make and chances are, the ingredients that you will need will already be available at your pantry. A tart or pie is relatively easy to make and what’s good about it is that it can have a various of fillings and toppings, which will just depend on what you have on stock.

Another suggestion is to bring a salad, you can choose what salad to bring depending on what you have on stock, or if you are willing to buy the ingredients, base the kind of salad on your budget.

Whatever dish you decide on bringing, just make sure that it will be easy to bring and that the food will reach the party venue in good condition. Try bringing food that won’t need to be reheated anymore and is ready to be eaten. There are over a thousand potluck breakfast ideas in the internet and magazines that can help you if you need help.

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Continental Breakfast Menu

Continental Breakfast MenuPlanning a Continental Breakfast Menu is quite easier than planning a conventional breakfast; for one thing, continental breakfast narrows down the choices that you have to choose from.

While conventional breakfast usually includes rice or bread and salad and finger food, a continental breakfast consists of either coffee or tea and a baked pastry.

So when you are planning a continental breakfast menu, you have a limit to what kinds of food you are allowed to serve for it to still be called continental. First you have to choose your beverage; you can serve both coffee and tea if you like.

Next, you have to choose a main dish, which is usually a bake pastry or bread. You can try serving one baked pastry and one toasted or fresh bread.

Continental Breakfast Origin

The term Continental originated when the hotels that are serving breakfast needed to let the potential guests that they are serving breakfast, and in order to send a message to the guests that they won’t be serving heavy breakfast.

Continental Breakfast was used to differentiate from American Breakfast, since European people tend to eat less than the American ones. Continental breakfast menu usually serve juices, tea or coffee with bread based main food, in contrast with the American which is served with bread, pancakes, meat products, and also rice.

Continental Breakfast Suggestions

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If you are planning to come up with a continental breakfast menu, there are three important things that you have to consider, these are: starches, beverage, and others.

First thing you have to consider is your main food; starches are the key element of a continental breakfast. Starches can be in the form of breads, muffins, scones, bagels, croissants along with jams or spreads or cheese.

Second is the beverage that you are going to serve. Most continental breakfasts serve juices and coffee, but you can also serve tea with those said beverages. Hot beverages are often served in continental beverages with the exemption of the fruit juices that can also be served.

Last thing to consider is your miscellaneous menu, some continental breakfast also serve fruit slices and pieces, but you have to make sure to keep the fruits in a frozen or iced container to avoid spoiling. Sometimes, single serve cereal boxes are also included in the menu for continental breakfast.

Difference of American Breakfast Menu from Continental Breakfast Menu

There is a huge difference between serving American style breakfast compared to Continental style breakfast, first and most apparent difference is the amount of food available, continental breakfast only serve pastry based food as the main entree, while in American breakfast, you will have an overwhelming choice on rice, bread, pancakes, French toasts, meat products, fruits and salad.

The second difference is the way American breakfast serves any kind of beverages from cold juices, to hot tea and coffee, in contrast to the way only hot drinks and beverages are usually served in a Continental Breakfast Menu, only some cold juices are served sometimes.

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Breakfast Buffet Recipes

Breakfast Buffet RecipesBreakfast Buffet Recipes are important so that when you serve breakfast on a buffet you won’t end up having too much or you won’t lack food.

A buffet is a way of serving food wherein all the food is placed in one area; the visitors will then have to fall in line to get their food and just return to their table to eat.

Buffets can have attendants behind the food, to serve the visitors to assure that the food will be enough for everyone, or sometimes when there is no limit on food, no attendant is present to give the visitors the freedom to choose their food and to control the amount of which they are getting.

Having a recipe and menu will assure that the budget of the buffet will be able to feed all the visitors.

Instead of just cooking a lot of pancakes, French toast, hotdogs or sausages and eggs that will fit the budget which might end up being too much or will prevent people from enjoying and coming back to get more, having a planned menu or recipe will assure that the budget will be enough to feed the people and will assure that everyone will enjoy their breakfast buffet experience.

Breakfast Menu Buffet Ideas

Are you planning to serve a breakfast buffet? Then you better stay away from the ordinary breakfast stars which are pancakes, French toast, hotdogs or sausages and eggs. Your visitors will want to taste something new and not eat what they themselves can cook at the own home.

paleo breakfast

First thing you have to do is to plan the food’s segregation; you have to have at least one recipe for each of the following: the beverages, breakfast meat, breakfast main dish, bread, fruits, salad, and condiments.

In this way, whatever your visitor may want to eat, they will be able to pick from you complete selection of breakfast that will suit every taste bud.

Breakfast Buffet Ideas for a Party

Breakfast Buffet Recipes should come in handy when hosting a breakfast buffet. A breakfast buffet is not as easy to plan like lunch and dinner buffets where you just have to think of pork, beef, poultry or seafood and then you’re done.

In breakfast menus, you don’t have a standard guideline to follow on what kind of food you have to prepare.

In breakfast buffets, you have to consider the people who would want rice and those who would want bread for their breakfast. But if it is a party that will be thrown at your house then you might want to try serving breakfast finger food like rolled sausages and stuffed muffins.

In this way the visitors can just pass by the buffet table to get their food and return to the area where they are seating, huge plates will not be needed in this kind of buffet, since not all household can accommodate a huge amount of big tables for visitors that will be needed if you have heavy breakfast on the breakfast buffet recipe you prepared.

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Cheap Breakfast Ideas

Cheap Breakfast IdeasBreakfast is the most important meal of the day, having a stack of cheap breakfast ideas ready for everyday use may prove to be essential to everybody. A heavy breakfast ensures that you will have enough energy to go through the day.

It is important for those who are working, for kids, and even for people who are just at home. Having breakfast recipes ready for use, is important to ensure that you will not get tired of eating the same food day every day and will be able to try out a variety of food instead.

Cheap Breakfast Ideas that are Quick

If you are one of those people who are busy and have no time for breakfast or are just used to pouring whatever cereals you have on a bowl, before heading out for work, then you might want to try cheap breakfast ideas that are quick.

Try topping your bagel in peanut butter and bananas for a sumptuous quick breakfast. Or you can also try several fruit smoothies, just pour your choice of fruit in the blender add some milk and ice then blend, your healthy breakfast smoothie is ready in a flash.

Cheap Breakfast Ideas for Working People

People that are living a busy lifestyle, have to leave early for work every day and usually lose time for the most important meal of the day. If you are one of these people, you might want to try out cheap breakfast ideas that can be eaten on your way to the office or at the office before working.

paleo breakfast

You can try dressed up yoghurt, instead of eating different flavored yoghurt, try buying plain ones and then just adding up syrup and fruit slices in the morning before eating on the way to work.

You can also try overnight crepes, which can be made for 10minutes the night before and then just taking it out in the morning and heating it before heading off for work or bringing it to the office and just heating it there.

Cheap Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Are you one of the Moms that are worried that your kids are not eating healthy food at school? Well, sometimes you won’t be able to control and monitor you kids’ diet while they are in school, the least you can do is to make sure that they have enough healthy breakfast that will help them get through the day.

Healthy breakfasts doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many cheap breakfast ideas that can be served for your kids every day.

Don’t settle for your usual cereal in a bowl breakfast or ordinary toasted bread without any spread or toppings. Breakfast is considered the brain meal, and having enough of it will ensure that you have enough energy to help you get through the day.

Having breakfast everyday doesn’t have to be expensive; there are a lot of breakfast ideas that are available on magazines and the internet. Have a stash of cheap breakfast idea ready every day to never run out of breakfast ideas.

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Breakfast French Toast Recipes

Looking for breakfast French toast recipes will be fun and exciting especially when you are one of those people who are tired of waking up to plain old pancakes or French toasts. French toasts are the next universal breakfast next to pancakes, are you wondering how to make French toast?

French toasts are generally easy to make once you understand their origin, they are basically bread that are dipped with eggs and then fried. Knowing the basics of the French toast, I bet you can make your own simple French toast recipes.

Breakfast French Toast Recipes

French Toast Recipes for Fruit Lovers

Are you a fruit lover? Or are you on a fruit diet? Then French toast with fruits is the right breakfast French toast recipe for you.

French toast can be mixed with almost any fruit you may like. It can be slices from your favorite fruits to jam and spread made of your favorite fruits.

You can use the fruits as a topping for your French toast, or if you have time to cook or bake, fruits can also be stuffed inside French toasts before frying or baking, this way you can still eat the stuffed French toast recipe with jam or syrup on top.

French Toast Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

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Chocolates are not just for kids, they are a favorite for a lot of people, whatever age they are. For chocolate lovers like me, it is definitely good news to hear that chocolates can be eaten in your breakfast. Chocolate can be poured into your French toasts as syrup, or you can opt to have a chocolate stuffed French toast if you are up to it.

Chocolate stuffed French toasts are easy to make, just fry your French toast the ordinary way, and then stuff with chocolate, finish off with a syrup or jam or topping of your choice.

Quick and Easy French Toast Recipes

For busy people who are on the go, breakfast that is quick and easy to prepare are part of their daily routine. French toast doesn’t have to be enjoyed during the weekends only; there are fast cooked French toast recipes that may suit a busy person’s day.

It’s a good idea to have sliced fruits, syrups and jams in your next grocery list. So when you do want to have French toast for breakfast you just have to soak the bread on milk and eggs, fry, and then top with fruits or syrup.

Overnight French Toast Recipes

If you are not a morning person, or if you are one of those who has a lot of time at night but is so busy in the morning, overnight French toasts are for you. These French toasts are prepared the night before and just fried or baked in the morning.

These are best for working people and for those Moms who have to take care of a lot of things and have to prepare breakfast for the family. Whatever kind of person you are, it is always a good idea to have a stash of Breakfast French Toast Recipes ready so as not to be caught unaware.

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